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A women’s handbag in the finest natural leather that women love

TALK LESS DO MORE is a brand of handcrafted women’s leather handbags and leather accessories with a minimalist form. The core line is regularly complemented by exclusive special collections.

High quality women’s leather handbag is the basis of sensible luxury.

At TALK LESS DO MORE we care about quality.

High quality begins with the design process. We take great care to ensure that our leather handbags not only look good, but also perform their function brilliantly. Without a doubt, it is functionality and style that make a good product. Add to this the great quality of the materials and you have a bag that will last for years. That is why we only use high quality natural leather for our bags. We also use fabrics for the interior of the bags and some models. No matter what material we use, the quality of the workmanship is always a high priority for us. Our bags are handmade in a small workshop, but with great attention to detail. This can be seen in the stitching, finishes, cuffs and accessories of our women’s leather bags.

Minimalism is universal – a handbag that goes with everything

The simple style of our handbags means they go with everything.

Want to go wild with colour and pattern? Great for you! Even the craziest combinations will look great with our leather handbags.

Like simplicity in your outfit? Our handbags in bold colours will complement your minimalist style perfectly.

Do you like monochrome? The black Monkey will complement your look beautifully.

Are you looking for a practical leather handbag that you can take with you everywhere?

Welcome to TALK LESS DO MORE! You’ve come to the right place! And what if you like to change the way you carry your bag, depending on its contents or simply your mood? Great, because our bags can be carried in a variety of ways. Thanks to the multi-functional leather strap, the shoulder bag or crossbody can easily be transformed into a leather kidney and worn around the waist or across the body.

Limited editions

We treat leather with great respect. We are not interested in mass production. We buy leftover leather – we do not commission leather production especially for us. We only make small series of leather handbags, which means that there are no more than 20 identical models of our leather handbags. Each one is given its own unique code so we know immediately what it is.

Properly treated, a leather handbag will not age and will only improve in appearance and value over time.

Buy TALK LESS DO MORE bags online

At the TALK LESS DO MORE online store, we offer several payment options to make the purchase process as easy as possible. Choose from six different payment options and receive your order in no time at all – with express delivery on the next working day. Want to benefit from exclusive offers, discounts and competitions? Register online to become a member of our club and enjoy the benefits.