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Leather accessories for women

Leather accessories may seem small, but their role cannot be overestimated. Whether bold or subtle in character, they add class to the overall look and even the unobtrusive ones influence how our image is perceived. The accessories we wear certainly have a good effect on our mood.

A genuine leather belt is the perfect complement to a quality leather handbag. And if you lack the perfect fastener, a leather coat belt will do the trick.

The superpower of accessories

Sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches complement your outfit perfectly. Whether you are dressing for evening, sport or elegance, accessories add the finishing touch. Many accessories are not only stylish but also practical. Knitted scarves and hats will keep you warm. A notebook is the perfect accessory for busy people. Handbags and vanity bags can be practical and elegant. When it comes to leather accessories, the different types, textures and structures of leather are sure to catch the eye.

Decorate your wrist with leather bracelets.

We insist on quality materials. This is true of our natural grain leather accessories. The leather elements are carefully selected and stamped. Even suede has its charms. When treated with care, it retains its soft, tactile texture.

Leather wallets, purses and key rings

Spacious wallets and stylish leather key rings. With a coin pocket and sealed compartments, you can store banknotes, cards and documents. Quality leather accessories are a great investment.

Small but distinctive leather key ring

Tired of turning your handbag upside down looking for your keys? Finally, they will be easy to find! Attach a leather key ring – a pendant – to them. Now you can throw your keys loosely into your bag and still find them in seconds.

Leather phone cases and computer sleeves

A natural leather mobile phone case not only looks good, it also effectively prevents damage, protects from cold and heat and its texture also helps to hold the phone in place.

Leather laptop sleeves are lightweight and very practical. They often have an easy-open zip and their soft padding absorbs shocks.

Roomy make-up bags

Keep your favourite cosmetics close at hand with a leather make-up bag. They are small enough to fit in any handbag. If you are on the go and want to take extra cosmetics with you, a large and spacious make-up bag with lots of internal pockets is best.